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March 20, 2009

ARRGH! My Simple Story Is Not!

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Simple, that is.

What started out as a simple hunter tale set in a fantasy realm has turned into a horrid monster from beyond the darkness between the stars.  It has morphed into some epic tale that could take as many as three books to complete it.

Oh, I’m sure I could make it much smaller in scope; change it around so that the bad guy gets his just desserts before all Hell breaks loose, but I just wrote an epic…no, EPIC! synopsis that not only traverses a continent, but includes a battle that spans an entire region maybe the size of Texas or maybe Florida and threatens the very existence of the humanoids who call the continent their home.  My only problem writing this will eventually be the battle at the end.  How will a battle of that size really be fought?  That much ground can’t be held, can it?

Okay, picture, Texas, or maybe Florida.  I think Florida is a better comparison.  Now picture the bottom third as one vast and dark swamp.  Now picture armies and armies of monsters coming out of that area to attack a number of lordships, like smaller states all banded together to fight off that horde.  Now picture that they get reinforcements from other good races/governments.  Yeah, it’s that kind of big.

So, what was once going to be a simple story about a group of monster hunters going against a powerful villain is now a massive epic tale that could easily encompass three books.

I’m not sure yet if this is a good thing or a bad one.  Guess it depends on whether I can actually get them all written…along with the multitude of other things I need to write and do.



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