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May 30, 2009

Starting a New Project

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I’ve started the new project.  What is it, you may ask?  Well, maybe you won’t, but I’ll tell you a bit about it anyway.  I find myself writing romance at the moment, sci-fi Space Opera romance, to be specific.  It’s a collaboration between my wife and I.  We’re hoping it’ll be accepted for an anthology.  It’s supposed to be novella length and supposed to be submitted by August 10th.  I figure if I keep plugging away at it at the rate I have the past 2 days we’ll get it there.  Yesterday I hit 2,122 words on it.  Today I feel as though I didn’t do any work on it whatsoever, even though I wrote the entire synopsis I’ll be using as the backbone of the story.  The synopsis weighed in at 3,692 words, so it’s got a little meat on its bones already…sort of like ligaments and gristle and such.  I still can’t help but feel like I didn’t accomplish much on the story though, even though I wrote over 3500 words just today.  I think it’s because I’m used to writing the story itself without working up a synopsis.  Usually the synopsis is sitting up in my head already, but the past couple stories I’ve started on I’ve decided to try writing out the synopsis first.  It seems to have its plusses and minuses.

To me, strangely, writing a synopsis feels kinda like pulling teeth, a pain that seems to take forever while sitting in an uncomfortable chair.  I know, get a more comfortable chair, you say.  Believe me, I’ve thought about it, but the one I’d like to have costs a little more than I’ve got and I just can’t justify getting it yet.  Maybe when something gets published I’ll actually feel like I deserve it.

Anyhoo, the story sounds pretty good so far.  I’ve strayed a little from some of the standard tropes to try and make it different enough so it’s not just one more spaceship commander/pilot blah of the starship boobyprize.  Hopefully the editor won’t look at it and say, wha…?  I’m sure they won’t, but you never know.  I like it so far and it seems a little different, but it also has a couple minor similarities here and there to other things.  Nothing major.  Mostly the same similarities that most tales have.  After all, you can point to just about any story out there and say it’s similar to something else.  Even Star Wars is similar to stories that have come before it.  My only real hope is that it’ll get accepted and people will like it.  I’d like to be kept in mind for other publishing opportunities, should they like it enough.

Now, my biggest thought is whether I should publish it under a pen name or not.  If I want to use my name in the mainstream sci-fi or fantasy market without becoming “that guy that writes love stories,” I’m wondering if it’d be better to go with a pen name or a shortening of my name.  It’d be easy enough to just shorten my first name, but I’d definitely want to keep the last name because I want to publish this as a collaboration piece with my wife and have both our names in the byline.  So I may just shorten my name anyway just to be safe.

I’ll keep you posted.


2122 / 30000 words. 7% done!


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