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June 10, 2009

Work Station

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This is just a minor break from the word count, but it will be continued in the post below, so keep watching it climb.

A while ago some of the authors on Magical Words decided to post a pic of their work stations and I felt, since I got myself a new desk that I’d do the same here. It will likely evolve as time goes by, but this is it as it stands now.

Work Station

Anyway, what I’m working on is the new project that the word count is for. I’ve got my coffee cup and warmer there on the desk. Taped to the upper portion of the desk are pics of my daughter and wife, showing me one of the reasons why I’m writing in the first place. Those papers clipped to the side of the desk is my current project synopsis and sitting on the desk is the characters, weapons, ships, etc, that go in the story.

On the wall there is a picture of me in costume at a haunted orchard we helped with last October and beside it is a picture of the cover of my RPG supplement I wrote, should it ever see the light of day. Hanging there between them is one of those cool little pirate heads you see sometimes hanging at bars or restaurants. My step mother’s parents gave it to me for Christmas because they knew I was writing about pirates. Below all that is a giant artists clipboard with a map on it for one of my other writing projects.

It’s hard to see, but between the pill bottles and pens on my desk, there’s a mug for Hobgoblin Ale that my sister got me for Christmas. Don’t tell her I’m not using it to drink out of. It’s made in China and I don’t wanna take the chance they colored it with lead paint. But it’s sweet and I like the thing and so it’s got some wrapped Werther’s coffee candy in it.

There’s a little pirate standing on my monitor. The papers are mostly writing and the one hanging out is my writing tally worksheet. The books are pretty much all game book as of now, but I’m considering moving them to my other cabinet and putting the writing book up there.

The pills are those which keep me in a semblance of health, because of the Crohn’s disease.

OH! The pirate flag. My Dad and step mother gave me that and it’s one of my favorites. We have a couple Jack Rackham flags around that we used for our pirate wedding, but the ‘Dead Men’ flag is my favorite.

Then there’s my junk shelf that’s there to the side that the flag is attached to. It’s got a bunch of stuff that I kind of use, but don’t want on my desk. It’s a mess.

And that’s about it, in a nutshell. Not depicted is the cork board that’s attached to the wall above the back of the desk that has various business cards, pictures I’ve drawn, a calendar and other stuff.

And that’s it. Keep watching the post below, WORD COUNT, to keep track of my progress as I continue to write the soon to be awesome tale, Rogue 5. Once it’s done I’ll toss a blurb out here for it. Check back.


Just moved my books and wanted to list the books I have at hand:

These aren’t necessarily books I’m recommending, just books I have at my disposal.

2002 Writer’s Market
Arms and Armor of the Medieval Knight – David Edge & John Miles Paddock
Bo, Karate Weapon of Self-Defense – Fumio Demura
Book of Legendary Spells – Elbee Wright
Building Believable Characters – Marc McCutcheon
Casebook of Abnormal Psychology – John Vitkus
Disguise Techniques – Edmund A. Macinaugh
Filmmaking for Dummies – Brian Michael Stoller
Flexible Weapons – John Sanchez
Forgotten English – Jeffrey Kacirk
Gaelic Language on Cassette
Getting Your Book Published for Dummies – Sarah Parsons Zackheim & Adrian Zackheim
Mastering Witchcraft – Paul Huson
Mirriam-Webster’s Dictionary
Pirates of the Caribbean – Cruz Apestigui
Pirates, Terror on the High Seas from the Caribbean to the South China Sea – Various
Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Herbs – Various
Roget’s Super Thesaurus 2nd Ed.
Secrets of the Ninja – Ashida Kim
The Druids – Peter Berresford Ellis
The Master Book of Candle Burning – Henri Gamache
The Writer’s Brief Handbook 2nd Ed. – Rosa/Eschholz
Writers INC – Sebranek/Meyer/Kempre
Writing Romance – Vanessa Grant
Writing Science Fiction & Fantasy – Crawford Kilian

Then there’s a lot of reference material in the various RPG books I own. Many of them have done their own research while writing those books.



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