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July 8, 2009

Rogue 5 Word Count

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Got 4,626 words today. I’m drained. I was saddened earlier with everything I had to do to my characters, nearly crying. I did get teary though. The final scenes are shaping up nicely. Last chapter coming up and then I add a couple scenes I wanted to add and do my rewrites, then send it to people for feedback. I’m SOO close!

72254 / 80000 words. 90% done!

July 9th, 2009

And with a resounding HOORAHH, it’s finished. Sort of. The last chapter was 3,281 words and was a fun one to write. The last three chapters are gonna be those “just one more chapter!” chapters that people will not be able to put down! I’m very confident that this book’s just going to kick major butt! It’s a great read and I think people will enjoy it. Now I have to add 3 more scenes and then do edits. After I do my edits I send it to folks who will hopefully give me feedback, then more edits, then I go to look for either an agent or a publisher. I actually fully plan on having it done and sent off by the middle of next month. Yep.

So, the MS so far is 75,535 words and I’m sure it’s going to hit 80,000 once I get the extra scenes added and do my edits. It’s 182 pages now and should top 200 after scenes and edits. It loses about 20 pages if I change the font to Times New Roman, but that shouldn’t bother it too much. Guess it depends solely on the size of the font they use during printing.

I am completely and utterly pumped up! I can’t wait!

75535 / 80000 words. 94% done!


Rogue 5 Excerpt

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Alright, here’s a small excerpt of the WIP.  I don’t like how this formats it, but what can ya do.  It’s only in the first draft stage, but I figured I’d put it up here for anyone following along.  The work is a Space Opera Sci-Fi Romance novel that I hope to have finished and ready to go quite soon.

Rogue 5

       Servos whined and jet retros flared as the battle suit pirouetted in a dizzying one-eighty to face the Palantine class suit that had just blasted by.  Its strafing run had just missed her and she wasn’t about to give it a second chance.  The targeting crosshairs came up immediately and she could hear the low growl of the auto-cannon as it sprayed a barrage of 50 mm rounds at the target.

       The Palantine class suit was one of the largest and newest the Core had to offer.  It was decked out with the new 60 mm auto-cannon, as well as a heavier frame and plenty of armor to go around.  It also sported a rocket launcher set in the left shoulder and retractable laser cannon in the left forearm.  The whole thing looked bulky and squat, but Ahlia Jensen had to admit, it was impressive.  Unfortunately for the pilot inside it, however; it was slower than her suit and it caught nearly the full barrage in the body and right leg.  Then again, she thought, there wasn’t much out there that was faster than her suit.

       A warning beep chimed through her helmet receiver and she instinctively shot her suit sideways as another suit, this one a lighter Reaver class, fired at her from above.  She heard the multiple ‘punk-punk’ sound of rounds slamming into her suit.

       “Blast!” She swore as she banked, flipping over and extending the suit’s left arm.  The hand retracted as the rocket pod in the forearm opened to send eight seeker rockets streaking toward the Reaver.  The Reaver went evasive, firing another barrage, this time at the rockets, but four still got through.  The Reaver lit up with explosions, debris flying in all directions.

       Ahlia hated space combat.  It always made her feel dizzy.  She far preferred ground combat where up was up and down was down.  In space, there was no proper direction sense and rarely were there obstacles to use as cover.  An enemy could come from anywhere.  Thankfully her tracking computer had picked up the Reaver and the speed of her suit kept damage to a minimum.

       She was still tracking the Palantine, but it had found another opponent at the moment and was occupied.  The heads-up-display showed the rest of her team busily skimming through the combat, tearing into the enemy wherever they could.  Rogue 5 was the best freelance team out there working for the Secession Worlds.  Under-equipped and under-powered, they were still more than a match for the units from the Core.  All the firepower in the cosmos didn’t amount to squat without skill to back it up and Rogue 5 had that in spades.

       “Ahlia!” The com squawked.  It was Dakarn.  “That blasted Palantine’s ridin’ me hard!  Think you can lend a hand?”

       “On my way.” She fired the jets, finding Dakarn’s signal in the HUD and shot full speed toward the fight.  If her suit had the usual controls that all others had, her knuckles would be white, gripping the stick.  As it was, her hands were slid into two sleeves in the control chair and her helmet was integrated into the seat.  This was the reason why she was the only one allowed inside her cockpit.  This was her secret.  It was a big one.  And if the Core learned it, things would quickly become far more complicated for her.

       She blasted through the combat far quicker than the enemy forces could even react.  She raised the auto-cannon and sent a steady hail of rounds at the Palantine as it harried Dakarn’s lighter Warrior class suit.  Rounds slammed into the Palantine as it wheeled around and away from the assault.  It went evasive, dodging the attack with far more skill than she’d seen before in a Core pilot.  Still, her Valiant was faster.  It was far older than anything in this combat, but was still the top of the line, and she’d refitted the suit with a few little extra tricks as well.

       The left shoulder plate of the Palantine lifted and several seeker rockets came at her in their twisting evasive pattern.  She fired the auto-cannon, taking out all but two.  The last two exploded just in front of her cockpit.  She’d only barely brought up the fighter defense shield in time.  The shield was not standard issue, having been part of a fighter pod, but it did its job well.  Unfortunately, it had also overloaded and would not be available again this fight.  Still, it was enough and did what she’d hoped.  The Pilot of the Palantine had paused.

       She fired the stabilizers and righted herself, firing another barrage of 50 mm rounds before releasing the auto-cannon and streaking toward the Palantine while the cannon slid back and up to stow itself behind the right shoulder of her suit.

       The Palantine could do little more than raise its arms in defense from the barrage, taking the brunt of the damage in the heavily armored forearms.  Before the pilot could react, Ahlia was on him, an energy blade extending from the top of the right forearm of the suit.  She drove the blade up into the left shoulder joint of the Palantine repeatedly and its left arm spiraled away, spinning through space. She hammered into the side of the suit, slowly tearing away at the heavy armor.  Her HUD rewarded her with a number of damage tallies on the Palantine’s systems.

       The Palantine’s right arm came around quickly and hammered her with its auto-cannon and the jet engine fired in its left foot, driving its knee up hard into Ahlia’s Valiant, pushing it away.  Then it fired both jets in a sitting position, the feet aimed at Ahlia.  The force of the engines firing pushed her back further and she was forced to fire retro stabilizers to keep from being pushed back violently.  Warning beeps went off and she went evasive, several rounds from the Palantine’s auto-cannon striking her suit before she was able to get clear.  The pilot had fired the weapon one-handed as a distraction while he streaked away.

       “Yeah!  Suck on that, dredge!  Should we pursue?” Came Dakarn’s voice over the com. A warning came up on Ahlia’s HUD.  A Core carrier was shunting in.

       “No. Leave him. They’ve got reinforcements.” Ahlia opened all channels to her team. “This is Jensen.  We’re pulling out.”

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