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July 8, 2009

Rogue 5 Word Count

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Got 4,626 words today. I’m drained. I was saddened earlier with everything I had to do to my characters, nearly crying. I did get teary though. The final scenes are shaping up nicely. Last chapter coming up and then I add a couple scenes I wanted to add and do my rewrites, then send it to people for feedback. I’m SOO close!

72254 / 80000 words. 90% done!

July 9th, 2009

And with a resounding HOORAHH, it’s finished. Sort of. The last chapter was 3,281 words and was a fun one to write. The last three chapters are gonna be those “just one more chapter!” chapters that people will not be able to put down! I’m very confident that this book’s just going to kick major butt! It’s a great read and I think people will enjoy it. Now I have to add 3 more scenes and then do edits. After I do my edits I send it to folks who will hopefully give me feedback, then more edits, then I go to look for either an agent or a publisher. I actually fully plan on having it done and sent off by the middle of next month. Yep.

So, the MS so far is 75,535 words and I’m sure it’s going to hit 80,000 once I get the extra scenes added and do my edits. It’s 182 pages now and should top 200 after scenes and edits. It loses about 20 pages if I change the font to Times New Roman, but that shouldn’t bother it too much. Guess it depends solely on the size of the font they use during printing.

I am completely and utterly pumped up! I can’t wait!

75535 / 80000 words. 94% done!


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