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September 10, 2009

And Just Like That…

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The first draft is complete! I finished the first draft of my novel yesterday. 87,429 words, 211 pages, Courier 12 point. It’s done! Now the “fun” begins. I get to go back through and find all the things that make me, and other readers, cringe. I get to send it to proofers and have them tear it apart and send me all their opinions. Then, I get to start rewriting the whole thing. But, it’ll be much better because of it. There’s not a soul in the writing world who is so amazing that they don’t need editing. If they think that, then they especially likely need editing. Me, I know I’m a good writer. However, I’m not pretentious enough to even presume that everything I put on paper is the purest gold. Everyone needs quality editing.

I both dread and can’t wait for revision suggestions and opinions. I want this thing to be the best I can get it. Rewrites are needed. I can see stuff now that needs fixed as I’m rereading the thing. The story’s great. Now the tightening begins. With diligence I’ll see this thing tight and finished before November. With luck I can find a place for it before it gets too cold, and perhaps someone willing to give me an advance so I can buy some heat this winter. We have fuel oil…it’s expensive…space heaters only do so much…I’m tired of freezing in the winter. Seriously.

To those who expressed an interest in proofing for me, the beast will hit your inbox shortly.

I’m one step closer to my first finished manuscript. Stay tuned.



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